A city of opportunities

Ibadan city abounds with great opportunities that will inevitably create significant wealth for both investors and the city as a whole. The key indices such as population, ease of doing business and visionary leadership are factors that have positioned the city in such an attractive position  for prospective investors.

A Public Sector City

Ibadan city remains one of the oldest public sector cities in Nigeria; it is a known fact that in the early sixties, the city played host to significant numbers of African public servant delegates who visited regularly to understudy the highly advance and efficient public sector administration in the city of Ibadan.

A great experience awaits you

Are you considering a short business trip to the city or recently arrived in the city and thinking of the type of recreational facilities available? You can be most assured that there is much in store for you to do in the ancient city.


Major landmarks in the city such as the Bower Memorial Tower to the east on Oke-Aare (Hill) can be seen from practically any point of the city. It also provides an excellent view of the whole city from the top. The location can also be used for special events such as picnics, wedding photoshoots etc. 


Are you thinking or already in the process of embarking on a visit to the Ancient city of Ibadan? Well you have come to the right place; we will help by holding you by the hands, providing you with the needed tips and guidelines as you embark on this amazing adventure of a life time.


The city of Ibadan abounds with varying types of hospitality facilities ranging from your five bedroom guest house to a hundred bed international standard hotels. The choice is really yours. Our objective at is to ensure that your visit to this great ancient is a highly memorable one


The city of Ibadan provides business opportunities in a wide range of sectors such as Agriculture, Tourism, Hospitality, Retail, Real estate and much more.


The goodnews is that offices for rent are quite attractively priced even within the Central Business District; we will help you identify the ideal property that will suit your budget.


The city can potentially be positioned as a hub for those keen to venture in the Agro sector. You can acquire substantial land for farming and equally setup a Agro based business within the City that is positioned to support the farming project


Ibadan city provides a huge deal of opportunities for prospective Real Estate investors. You can pick up really exciting deals the City as Investment

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