Travelling by Air

Visiting the City of Ibadan by air is another option visitors coming in from Lagos or Abuja can explore.

 Travel by Air

Ibadan Airport was commissioned in 1982 by the former Senate President Joseph Wayas and has
since become the main airport of Oyo State. The airport is home to a one terminal and an impressive 2,400-metre-long runway. Ibadan Airport (IATA code: IBA) currently serves domestic arrivals and domestic departures to other cities in Nigeria. Domestic airlines that land at Ibadan Airport include Arik Air and Overland Airways. IBA is approximately 30 minutes from the city centre of Ibadan. Upon arrival at the Airport, you can either order a taxi or contact us
at Visage-Tour & Hospitality for assistance.


Start your tour experience of Ibadan by exploring our beautiful landmarks and sights which reflects the uniqueness of this ancient city.