Travelling by Rail

You can now travel to City of Ibadan by rail from a number of Cities in Nigeria.

Travel by Rail

The Ibadan Inter-State Railway was built by the British colonial government in 1896 as a strategic mode of transport designed to convey both goods and people to and from the city. This route of travel was for many years highly effective but over time became unpopular due to lack of quality management and poor investment. Most recently, the Federal government in partnership with the Chinese government embarked on rehabilitating the rail networks in Nigeria. Today cities like Ibadan are once again benefiting from this highly convenient mode of transportation. The city’s rail stations include Ibadan Rail Station-Dugbe, Abaa Ayegoro Train station, Omi Adio Railway Station, Bodija Rail Station, and Ojurin Station. Rail fares in and out of the city are relatively affordable depending on the package and destination required. The various package classifications cover: economy, first class, and the sleeper package. 


Start your tour experience of Ibadan by exploring our beautiful landmarks and sights which reflects the uniqueness of this ancient city.