Travel Times

You can now travel to City of Ibadan by rail from a number of Cities in Nigeria.

Travel Times

Arik & Overland Airlines provide flight services between Ibadan and Abuja, flight times are highlighted below

Arik Air


Flight Time Days
Abuja – Ibadan 9:30 AM Monday – Sunday
Ibadan – Abuja 11:15 AM Monday – Sunday

For more info contact Arik Air on:
+2348077791343 or 01-2799999 or visit
Flight fee: From N16,500

Overland Airways


Flight Time Days
Abuja – Ibadan 4:00 PM Monday – Friday
Ibadan – Abuja 7:45 AM Monday – Friday
Abuja – Ibadan 3:00 PM Saturday
Ibadan – Abuja 9:00 AM Saturday
Lagos- Ibadan 8:00 AM Saturday
Ibadan – Lagos 5:30 PM Saturday
Abuja – Ibadan 1:00 PM Sunday
Ibadan – Abuja 2:00 PM Sunday